Jewelry in Professional Sports

Have you ever wondered what kind of jewelry an athlete is allowed to wear on the field? Like is a pitcher player allowed to wear a men’s wedding ring on the on the mound? Or is a hockey player allowed to wear a necklace? Here is a brief rundown on what professional athletes are allowed to wear in the four major sports.


Since most of the a players body is covered on the ice (save the neck and face) by their uniform, skates, socks, gloves and helmet, the NHL does not have any rules pertaining to what type of jewelry can be worn during the game. Since it’s a high impact sport, players are apt not to wear any type of earrings or rings during the games. As for necklaces, as long as they don’t appear outside of the jersey they are allowed.


If there is one sport that is hyper critical of what a player wears on the field, it is the NFL (or as some fans have dubbed it the «No Fun League»). Not only can you get penalized for excessive celebration on the field, but also for wearing non- sanctioned socks or shoes. And the rules begin from the time someone hits the field for pre-game practice all the way to the time they leave the stadium. Rules are even enforced during post game interviews! Ironically, though, the NFL does not have excessive rules on what kind of jewelry can be worn on the field. Since hands are primarily used for catching and blocking, rings are generally not worn as they could affect the catching or throwing of a ball. Necklaces and ear rings, on the other hand, are worn, as long as they are within reason. Bracelets, on the other hand, must be covered at all time. Did I mention that officials review the entire game afterwards to make sure (once again) that no one broke uniform rules during the game? Wow.


In the past few years the commissioner’s office has begun to come down hard on NBA players with a new dress code that has limited what a player could wear before and after a game. This is extended to the court where NBA players are not allowed to wear any type of jewelry. This means earrings; bracelets, rings and necklaces are all no-no’s. The only accessories allowed on the court are knee and elbow braces, headbands and, of course, tattoos.


Major League Baseball, on the other hand, seems to have a very liberal policy when it comes to jewelry. Essentially you can wear any type of jewelry unless it’s deemed by an umpire as «distracting» or can interfere with the game. In other words, pitchers can’t wear rings as they might scuff the ball and no giant mirrored necklaces that might distract the batter from the ball (not that anyone is thinking of wearing it, but you get the idea).

Seems most sports don’t allow for jewelry, not even mens wedding rings, so what’s a guy to do? Keep that ring somewhere safe until the game is over!

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Select The Best Basketball Jerseys For Your Team

A professional basket team is as much known (to its fans) for its jersey as it is known for its players. The jersey plays a crucial role for your team. Not only does it serve as the most common source of identification for your team, but it also ensures that your players are absolutely comfortable while playing – so that they can deliver their best.

For instance, if your team is playing under humid conditions you would definitely want the jersey to be made from refined quality fabric which will absorb all the perspiration. Please remember, it is very important to zero in on the right quality of jersey (comprising all the accessories) because it facilitates your player’s performance in a major way. If players are not provided with Basketball Jerseys which fit them perfectly, then it’s quite obvious that the general discomfort will end up affecting the performance as well.

A typical basketball jersey is complete with

  • Players’ name and numbers
  • Sponsor logo
  • Team logo

Basketball Jerseys: What You Need To Find Out About Them

Sleeveless T-shirts are a general demand among players owing to the very nature of the game. You cannot really end up selecting half-sleeve or full sleeve jerseys for basketball players because of the very simple reason that they need to jump and net the ball with their hands.

How To Choose The Color Of The Jersey?

The color of the jersey can definitely be chosen after thorough discussion with the team. Different team members might have different opinions. Different colors have different significance and different players would want their team jersey to reflect different virtues. It is important to choose a color which would be the answer of common consensus.

A Few Other Aspects Of These Jerseys Explained

There are several sportswear companies offering customized jerseys at competitive prices. Make sure you are duly finding out about these companies. The clothing offered by them should be comfortable, appealing and customized as per your color and design tastes.

Selecting The Perfect Online Store Selling These Jerseys

You cannot really end up selecting the sportswear company randomly. You have to ensure that you are selecting a shop only after conducting thorough research on the background. There is no dearth of such online stores bringing you a wide array of jerseys made from quality fabric. You would definitely want to check the inventories of at least five to six online stores before finalizing one of them.

  • What do their previous clients have to say about the quality of their jerseys?
  • How diverse is their inventory?
  • Will they offer you customized jerseys?
  • How competitive are the prices?

Hope the aforementioned tips would be of due help.

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Selecting the Right Sportswear And More

Sports uniforms are not all about spark and glamor. Today, if you can’t take your eyes off your favorite athletes running around in their stylish jerseys – know for a fact that much of their «on-field style or charishma» stems from the jerseys adorning them as well. An uncomfortable uniform ends up affecting on-field mobility and performance as well. There is no room for «style» under such circumstances. Selecting sports uniforms for respective teams remains a matter of sagacity. A lot of thought goes into selecting the right one. Today, we will just discuss the same. Read on to discover.

Tips to select the right sports jerseys: Points that are infallible to the whole selection process

What are the factors that necessarily need to be kept in view while you’re selecting sportswear? A casual perusal of the post will help you fathom.


Yes. At the heart of ideal sportswear is comfort. We have already mentioned how the lack of comfort can actually go on to affect performance. Different sports demand different cuts, fit and styles. What works for tennis essentially does not work for basketball. In fact, sleeveless upper halves are mandatory for basketball players since they have to jump and net the ball. The modern jerseys are backed by sweat absorbent properties. Players are exposed to increasingly humid conditions today and these jerseys, as such, have only gone on to assume a more significant shape with the passage of time.


Our modern sporting heroes, irrespective of which particular sport they are into, are very conscious about etching out their distinctive style statement. Jersey designers keep this point in view while crafting really stylish jerseys for their clients. We understand how important it is to reach out for team consensus when it comes to zeroing in on the design and hue. Now, let us clarify from the very beginning that the different colors sported by different teams are not really a result of random selection but definitely of a lot of thought.

Each team is governed by different sensibilities much of which is highlighted by the uniform sported by them at the first place.


You need to ensure that you’re securing a clear idea about the cost of the product before accessing the same. The uniforms are customized as per team specifications. Make sure you are looking up the price tags online and finding out about discounts on bulk order, if any. You can compare the prices online as well.

The Manufacturer

The internet offers you so much information about the manufacturers out there. Please make sure you’re selecting a range only after carrying out a thorough background research of the stores at the first place:

For how long have they been offering sportswear?

Are they known for providing quality clothes within market competitive price brackets?

What are the reviews saying about them?

Have you reached out for personal recommendations as well?

Do consider these factors before taking a pick… and you are sorted!

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Hockey Jersey: Buying It the Right Way

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for hockey jerseys and shorts or singlets, you would always want to access the products of a reputable manufacturer – the one who would be able to offer you quality products on time and within market-competitive price brackets as well. You cannot really go on to select products on a random basis. Today, we will jot down a few points that need to be considered without fail while you’re in the process of selecting the hockey jersey.

Buying these uniforms: Are you doing enough?

The uniform thus chosen should ideally be the combination of the right price, right fit and delivery within the right time. The first responsibility of yours should be to check out the website of the manufacturer thoroughly and check details like.

  • Pricing
  • Shipping charges
  • Custom options (whether they’re available or not)
  • Delivery period

As far as comfort is concerned, there are two elements that render a particular jersey comfortable. The wrong fit can affect on-field mobility of players often rendering them ineffective against opponents. So, whoever is responsible for ordering the jerseys at the first place should be sagacious enough to spell out the specifications correctly to the designers so that they can work in accordance.

The design and color of team jerseys (complete with team logos, sponsorship mentions, players’ names and numbers) are generally determined after securing everyone’s opinions. Every team member might have different opinions regarding the look of the uniform purely because it is the look of jersey which will actually go on to reflect the team’s outlook towards the game. We all know that at least at the international level, teams are known by their jerseys.

More about purchasing the right uniforms: Things to know

The background of the sportswear manufacturer needs to be checked duly before they are chosen. It is extremely important on your end to realize that a website will never really flash bad testimonials. In order to find the «real story» you have to dig deeper – way beyond what the website has to offer you.

Read up reviews and reach out for personal recommendations as well. A credentialed manufacturer generally employs the best of advanced machinery as a means to ensure that the uniforms thus rendered are backed by unparalleled longevity, due grip and are delivered on time as well.

So, while conducting background research you should find out whether the manufacturers you are considering at this point of time are endorsed by your peers or not. Who are your peers or fellow team coaches procuring their hockey uniforms from? Are they particularly criticizing a firm? If yes, then why? Would they recommend their present manufacturer to you? If yes, why? If no, why?

So, you can well understand the kind of questions that need to be answered when you’re actually in the process of selecting the jersey. So, it’s not really a walk in the park. There is no room for random selection of companies – without checking out their credentials.

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All About Our Favorite Jerseys

What is a Jersey?

The name was first given to a fabric. This fabric got its name as it was manufactured on the island of Jersey. It is a well-knit fabric, also called plain knit or single knit. An earlier version of this fabric was for fisherman’s clothing. It was a heavier weight fabric than the ones used in the early 2000s. In the present times, the term Jersey is used for many clothing made from the Jersey fabric. They can be day wear or athletic wear. Read on to know more.


This fabric has developed through a course of time to be what it is today. The following is a short timeline of the historical background of the Jersey fabric.

– A Jersey was mainly used for hosiery.

– Traditional Jerseys were died in blue color.

– In 1879, an actress named Lillie Langtry made it fashionable to be worn during the day. She was also given the name of Jersey Lilly. She wore tight-fitting, long jersey top over a skirt.

– Later, the famous Coco Channel popularized the fabric. It started being used to make comfortable women’s clothing, dresses, and suits.

The process of making the fabric:

– Jerseys can be hand knit or machine knit.

– Jersey knits are made from the basic knitting stitch.

– The knits have rows of loops; each loop is drawn through the loop below.

– In comparison to the other knits, jersey knits are lighter.

Kinds of Jersey fabric:

– Single Jersey

– Double Jersey

– Interlock Jersey

– Jacquard Jersey

– Clocqué Jersey

– Stretch Jersey


There has been evolution is the production of the fabric. They were heavyweight fabric used in fishermen wear. Seamen wore tight fitting and tunic style sweaters made from this fabric. With time their uses have expanded. This fabric has been used to make clothing which is called Jersey Clothing. They are used in making T-shirts, Hoods, Jackets and the list goes on.

In sports:

The athletic wear is also called as Jerseys. Those consist of a logo of the team, sponsor name, and numbers. A player’s Jersey is his or her identity as long as they are playing the game. Jersey gains an identity which is more than just of a garment. Most of the times a Jersey is retired and placed in the native place of the team in order to honor the player.

So many of us wear Jerseys frequently. It is one of the most common clothing items in present times. But did we ever think where it came from? It’s amazing, right? Let us know your views.

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